We are always looking for volunteers to help with the variety of tasks it takes to keep Fiddleheads Gallery and gift shop running.
Please consider volunteering. Contact Marge Anderson margedvaa@gmail.com.

Executive Board Officers:
President – Marge Anderson
Vice-President – Melanie Phillips
Recording/Corresponding Secretary – Mary Jo Hauri
Treasurers – Tom King and Kathleen Johnson

Other Board Members:
Bucky Callery, Jeanne Sisson,
Joel Fowler, Cynthia White, Julie Sawyer and Tara Stone

Committee Chairs & Team Leaders
Exhibits & Special Events — Marge Anderson, Jeanne Sisson
Art Donations & MoNEA Committee Chair - Bev Phelps
Office & Gift Shop Coordinator — Marge Anderson, MJ Hauri, Melanie Phillips, Kathleen Johnson
Volunteer Training — Deb Gerry & Melanie Phillips
Newsletter Editor Maureen Moore
Logos & Signage — Melanie Phillips, Kathleen Johnson
Website Kathleen Johnson, Marge Anderson and Cynthia White
Facebook Editor — Marge Anderson
Publicity - Jeanne Sisson, Chris Pellerin - need a few others
Tag Sale/Art Supply Sale Bucky Callery
Membership — Deb Gerry, Lyn Jenest
Trained Sales Volunteers - Deb Gerry, Mary Field, Marge Anderson, Jeanne Sisson, Melanie Phillips, Susie Secco, Sharon Lamonakis, Lyn Jenest, and Cynthia White
Fundraising Vacant