A Brief History

Deerfield Valley Art Association was formed in 1931 by artists local to Pioneer Valley and the hill towns. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is committed to an environment free from discrimination in all phases of its operation and opportunity in regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or age.


A meeting was called September 17, 1931 by Mrs. Homer Taylor at her home on Shelborn [as in the record] Road for the purpose of forming an art alliance.

Those present were:
Mrs. Homer Taylor, Mrs. George Fuller, Mrs. Richard Arms, Miss Florence Pratt, Alfred N. Fuller, Mrs. Edith Hawks, Mrs. Marie Day Alexander, Mrs. Carli Belknap, Miss Eleanor Stevens, Mrs. Francis Snow, Miss Janet Russell, Shiela K. McCarthy (as written in the record)

Mrs. Taylor acting as chairman outlined a very interesting plan - Briefly - That an association be formed of artists and craftsmen banded together primarily to stimulate a deeper appreciation of art in the community and to encourage and inspire all artists toward greater things.

To further this cause Mrs. Healy has loaned Tavern Hall, admirably situated in Charlemont on the Mohawk Trail for exhibiting and selling purposes.

Mrs. Taylor stressed the need of accepting only original and well designed things.

It was voted to call the organization The Deerfield Valley Art Association.

Officers were elected as follows:

  • President - Miss Eleanor Stevens
  • Vice-President - Miss Janet Russell
  • Secretary - Treasurer - Miss Shiela McCarthy

It was voted that dues would be three dollars for active members, and five dollars for associate members to be paid annually [about $86 in 2021 dollars].

Mrs. Marie Day Alexander was elected chairman of the Hanging Committee.

It was voted to call the next meeting the second Wednesday in April 1932.

Respectfully submitted
Shiela McCarthy - Sect.